The small text of widely plentiful person in 22-year-old Jiangxi shrinks in the dime of room, the back towards owner, the Yan noodles cried voice.Yesterday dawn, because two year ago mother black-and-blue gratitude and grudge, the small text towards personal enemy one to raise knife.3 people being present have never escaped the knife in the small text hand.The small text is a person at cold flee from home at the mid-night, can be just 12 of hour, he was held tight by iron Jing in Hangzhou.At this time, police in Jiangxi still just the homicide case look for to solve clues on the scene.Is routine to check him panic absolute being yesterday afternoon 1:10, train in Hangzhou east station, south rather leave for the railroad train of the south of Shanghai to stop next.The weather is cold, shout to emit in the travellers mouth white the spirit head for station head.The east stands police substation iron Jing discover, crowd in have a young man, the facial expression is white not very natural.The young man saw iron Jing lowering the head to turn a corner.Can take a look your ID card execuse me?Iron Jing walks to come forward to go to and means a routine check.Have never had never taken iron Jing to have to make him write down name.He wrote down week text Bin, in 1986 once the cast iron Jing check and basically have no this person.The one more turns head, the young man unexpectedly runs quickly to see be missing.Iron Jing made track for up.Young man nearby only a name for the ID card of so-and-so text, he insists being not own.So, what name do you exactly call?At this time, the loophole cluster livings in the heart of iron Jing.I call so-and-so force the young man say.Iron Jing cautiously sees, at present young man and ID card of clearly is the same person.The right hand little finger that lets what iron Jing doubt is the other party more contains obvious scar, there is still on the trouser leg obvious blood stain.Is all right, this ID card is mine, I killed people.Stand in the east police substation, the young man knows of common speech, let iron Central Police University eat a surprised.12 hours ago, the occurrence dies a 3 people’s murder big case in widely plentiful county in Jiangxi, the criminal suspect is a small text!Two year ago the mother be beaten, he wants to revenge the motive of small text homicide and also wants to speak of from two year agos.Their family, the home town is a widely plentiful Jiangxi county, old[one] person in the house sends the nickname yellow Ms. Xing of 26 Niangs, and the personality is more spiteful.A day in the second half of 2005, the mother and Huang Mous of small text because the trifles vigorous quarrel happened.Fight to fight, what the unpleasant to hear words all spoke.The mother of small text more wants to more annoy and soon found out a yellow some home again, Huang Mou Yi sees, unexpectedly sought several individuals her pass enter the room beat mercilessly.This boxing feet, let the mother of small text for a long time descend not bed.There is a customs in the region, be humiliated not to beg for back, be despised.The small text sits not to live.My mother at that time walk all very all of difficulties were my fathers to block me, otherwise I had already begun, early sought their to bother a small text to cry while saying yesterday.Two years later, today, the one family have already gone to Shanghai to do a part-time job and is the small text of electric welding work, in the heart but always still remember to revenge.Three people person in the enemy house pours November, next this year at his knife, the small text bought a spring coil knife on the dynasty sun road in Shanghai, and he still prepared an electric shock stick.On December 4, he took train to°from Shanghai Rao of Jiangxi and rushed through to return to old house from the last Rao again.All these, the small text was a don’t also say with family.At about 11:00 on the dead hour of December 5, the small text silently arrived at a yellow some family, at first, his viewpoint is to teach to teach yellow some.Next day 1:00 A.M., after the ideological struggle in more than 2 hours, the small text finally turns over a wall into Huang Jia.He is advanced the some room of yellow some 16-year-old son, leaf, , the leaf after being some wake up with a starts start crying for help, the small text then presses Tong knife he to wear traveler’s hall on the bed, he walked into yellow some room again, Huang Mou Zuo is on the bed, husband the week is a certain to stand at part greatly cry “help!”.The small text begins to the some week first, the period still harmed his/her own finger.Immediately after, he chases knife Tong again to yellow some the whole be overs after, the small text ran first to return to old house to make change, immediately after went on foot 20 kilometer roads to arrive to widely plentiful county city, then took car to the last Rao and bought a train ticket to Shanghai.On the road, he more thinks it’s more panic, don’t want to make the family know that they brought big disaster in the sky again, the half-way get off in Hangzhou, who think and then be arrested by iron Jing in Hangzhou.Police in Jiangxi receives a criminal suspect to catch report of success, I am to want to escape but person in the home still don’t know the small text of my business talks, breaking continuously and continuously.When iron Jing in Hangzhou and police in Jiangxi contacts last of time, the other party absolutely dares not believes.Because die 3 people’s homicide case at local echo biggest, police in Jiangxi a great deal of police force just and on the spot bitterness the bitterness row check to go and see and fight for discovering clues.The criminal suspect’s identity didn’t°yet was completely cleared and distinct at that time, so when the small text caught in Hangzhou of, police in Jiangxi even hasn’t released to help to check a notification online.Last night, police in Jiangxi had already arrived to Hangzhou.They will transfer under guard criminal suspect Jiangxi once.