And the news of Xun IT cite that the foreign medium report on the 29th according to American stock certificate net, medium Xin nations’ selling the plan of strategic share have already sunk into stagnation, the reason is the company’s board of directors to produce a rift in the aspects of choosing which investor.In March, this year, medium the Xin nations entrust Morgan Stanley and Deutsche bank to be responsible for it to sell a share affair, this undertaking caused many interests that is private to collect to support our company, the one who anticipate to finally win election will with USD 500,000,000 procure medium Xin 20% international shares.Because medium Xin the international stock price is being placed in a low, and interest in Chinese science and technology company in the world is gradually strong, several companies expressed to procure medium Xin the intention of the international share, but be still waiting for the response of Xin nations so far.The news personage who bids according to participation calls:”Medium Xin nations’ selling the plan of share has already sunk into stagnation, we already several weeks time didn’t hear any news.We unique knowing BE, medium Xin the international board of directors still don’t decide how to plan this to keep on carrying on.”Medium Xin international CEO Zhang Ru Jing said, the company had already established a specialized board director’s committee and is responsible for a processing to sell a share affair, and the committee still looks for more latent buyers currently.Should report to call, from three year agos was allied to hand over in Hong Kong so the issue price of hk$2.69 became available in the market, in Xin international of the stock price keep on a slump and have already fallen to break hk$1 in this month.And Xun IT the channel is carefully selected in the near future:The black guest exposes Andy Liou Email Li Dong’s livinging to reduce to hold a TCL ownership of a share 1,000,000 rich men in Silicon Valley because of the divorce is the work salary stratum history jade pillars:Decade a feel the giant dream history jade pillar already hope into new richest person’s network of hinterland live female steal to clap to close village dishonest trader in the backstage income survey world ten multimillionaire wife’s placard iPhone cellular phone mold especially show network blue film back the benefits chain Phoenix bodyguard condom valley song 100 degrees in noodles City kuso a video frequency with each other 12 the Tao treasure United States chest the big match lead to dispute a ChinaJoy game mold week hero Lun to wait 100 star QQs to expose especially