The data that the nation statisticses a bureau to announce on September 11 suggests that in August, this year, residents’ consumption price total level together compare soar 6.5%, 18 months, total amount, residents’ consumption price total level together compare soar 3.9%, state ten thousand to predict a whole year CPI rise or reach to 5%.Along with August 21, after fourth time inside the year adds an interest, expect to deposit basis interest rate to raise into 3.60% for financing institution a year, but still be placed in the condition of taking the interest rate bottom.On the international clearing bank meeting that convenes on September 10, central bank goes small Chuan of long week to mean, current Chinese inflation’s leading has already far and far outrun 3% targets of central bank enactment, central bank from now on probably even add an interest for many times and key up to deposit a reserve rate and actively carry on open market operation.At the same time, central bank once meant the actual interest rate of hope as positive interest rate, year of organization estimate of everyone inside still have the possibility that adds an interest 12 times.The adding of mightiness interest expectation make the public should early do preparation for own investment and finance.The work goes to manage finance teacher to remind that investor’s managing aspect in the property should even pay attention to the liquidity of property.While investing the bank finance mangaing product, the investor combines the oneself funds need moderate breezes insurance hobby to carry on an investment.Some investments will make its rate of return because the central bank adds an interest at the fixed income bank finance mangaing product of bond, note the ship rises with the tide is also.Each big type of product of bank contains 6 months, 3 products of months currently, canvassing business the bank is also the finance mangaing product that releases through a month to expect.Liabilities manages aspect, while adding interest passage, to compare with floating rate mortgage, the fixed rate mortgage product has already presented its advantage.Choose the buying of fixed rate loan building in this year’s primary election, it returns a style the interest rate have already been lower than business lending rate.In the central bank for the fourth time after adding an interest, parts of banks raised its fixed rate mortgage product interest rate and brightenned bank to expect housing for 5-10 years solid lend special interest rate to raise to°from 6.33% 6.56%, compare 0.8500% float to lend special interest rate Gao Chu’s 0.134 percentage points.Although the fixed rate mortgage product has the function to is good to target risk, return a style interest rate stability of particular, because the mortgage generally belongs to medium lend money over a long period of time, if the circumstance that appears a continuous interest rates cut in aftertime, not expel will have it return style the interest rate is higher than the circumstance of basis interest rate to appear.For because of add an interest but creation the viewpoint that lend still in advance, the people’s livelihood bank related representative director say, in advance return a style certanly will take up a great deal of savings in the home.If this fee for writing gold contains the investment of larger income, or the funds aren’t lenient, take this money to used for income affirmation that the another aspect invests will than return in advance style the income got is many.But if the path and viewpoint that didn’t is more friendly style of, returning a style really in advance can save go to some still lend interest.