For present stage of medium small plank, there are two greatest advantages being worth paying attention to.See from the first angle, it may become lately old row to break of experiment place, impact bring to this new issue rule, Hu all investors of the deep market can not get around, therefore this may urge the part of main organization to by all means take appropriate action before this storm arrive very much, this is the tectonic plate from now on the opportunity place of a period of time.Come from the current circumstance, releasing of IPO at the latest will also arrive a second quarter degree then can clear up, therefore the main funds still have the operation that enough time completes theses and make use of to differ to complete an afresh adjusting of the counter for a few months.But this adjust to combine is not likely to think many investor ideas anticipate of similar fall to complete as follows, but after being large-scale anti- to rise upward again launch, will consumedly promote the speculation value of theses.And on the other hand, the whole accomplishment good to lord plank of the tectonic plate market, have better investment value, this rebound condition of the market middle age report condition of the market of in advance preview also indicate this tectonic plate after the full opportunity of city.From have been already disclosed of public information to see, the annual report of the tectonic plate’s majority ofs discloses concentration at the end of mid- February and the beginning of March, in time up can get around the influence that the pressure in middle stir-fries and makes to the annual report, the main funds making presume a bold operation, but on the other hand, the tectonic plate’s several listed companies prepare and increase, but for accomplishment pressure more and more big 2006, many listed companies already can not several years before being like so take out presentable of yearend report, this is outstanding and divide in the circumstance lower part that the whole accomplishment falls an accomplishment increases seldom valuable, certanly will stir up the interest that the main funds stir-fry a homework merit wave.Is comprehensive currently the dish noodles heat order careful transfer of phenomenon, the above-mentioned advantage of the tectonic plate undoubtedly has better attraction, but long time of negative city the horizontal dish then make them have very captivating technique the advantage is 1 to invest to speculate two fitting and proper specieses in the in a short time.Empress city suggest to pay attention to a two types ofs, the first, the main funds station over a long period of time, to all circulate to have an anti- resist ability of blue raise a species, such as Su rather electric appliances and aerospace electric appliances, spread to turn share and Xin rich medicine industry etc., reducing of the keeping on of accomplishment stability growth and big shareholder hold the commitment is the capital that they resist to all circulate risk, point concern;The second, accomplishment anticipates the of significant growth such as seven pleased control, medium Jie share, think source electric appliances etc., the short date of accomplishment significantly promotes the incitement to the stock price to disclose a full Zhan dew of eve in the annual report, actively concern.