Is peaceful the comprehensive stock certificate graduate school once actually thought, with 2006 accomplishment to estimate, currently G super voice PE level is 1400%, is more obviously low than average level of profession, continue the investment rating of maintaining the strong recommendation. Once actually meant, supported company the accomplishment continued to promote of two toll gate key factor BE: Profession economic prosperity and the company high level product HDI productivity’s releasing is meeting it. Factor this 2: 00 this year whole years would not change, therefore can to company whole year the accomplishment entertain optimistic an expectation. Once actually anticipated company each income to distinguish to 0. 28, 0. 32 dollars for 2006, 2007 years. Once actually thought, cellular phone and hand held an electronics equipments the market appeared to prosper an evidence, with HDI, rounded sex plank for the representative’s high level PCB product supply falls short of demand, this started an obvious amendment the company management environment. Once actually pointed out, company PCB two factories owned the productivity that the year produced 200,000 even rice HDIs, and will expect to increase productivity 60,000 even rices during 2006 the middle of the years. In 2005 the company production HDI is or so for about 100,000 even rices, anticipate will attain 200,000 even rices in 2006 or so. HDI sells the growth of specific weight to promote the company PCB sales and profits level. Once actually pointed out at the same time, the company liquid crystal display business expressed an obviously better than expectation, the quarterly degree income increases 30. 5%, and the gross profit leads to rise to°from 16. 55% 20. 73%. If the income of liquid crystal display part can keep a growth, the unit cost of the company then will a little bit obviously descend, the profit ability may obviously raise.